La Vida Wanker

La Vida Wanker

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Boys are Back in Town

Evanston is no cyclist’s paradise. The streets—if they can be called that—are mere meandering paths between potholes that stretch on in narrow, wind-blasted and uninteresting monotony. And don’t mention the cars.

But the North Shore does have its benefits. And while it may not be the best thing for my power to weight ratio, the sheer number of bakeries and restaurants is a wonderful thing.

In my absence from this blog, I’ve been doing some riding. I've also been writing and reading. Heck, I've found these things called people, and I've been spending quality time with them. Mainly, I’ve been eating. And I am happy to say I have found two gems: Baker Boys Bakery in Highland Park and Wildflour Bakery & Cafe in Lake Bluff.

On most every ride, I find someplace warm and stop for a meal. Maybe it’s the cold or my utter apathy for the bike, but nothing warms the soul like cheesecake and red velvet frozen custard on a cold day. And I’ve been stopping into both of those places rather frequently to eat out.

It’s often a nice change of pace to eat out. But eating out—after or during a hard ride—can be a rather trying enterprise. You want to go hard, but you don’t wanna get things dirty before you sit down for your meal.

More importantly, if you’re carrying out, you have to deal with your load of food. So utilizing strategies of protection is key. The right kind of protection allows you to go faster with less caution for longer. In other words, it protects your cupcake.

(Yeah, yeah. Mixed metaphors and crude sexual language. But come on, it’s my first post in a long while. Cut this wanker some slack.)

To protect my cupcakes I use small plastic containers suspended from my seat by electrical tape. The suspension absorbs vibrations and protects the frosting. And by keeping the cupcake out of my vision, it prevents accidental inhalation during the ride.

(Out of sight is out of mind.)

Sometimes though, you have to take protection into your own hands. If you forget the tape, you just have to carry the treat. In that case, a cardboard box is recommended. And I suggest stuffing the box with tissue to keep things tight. You don’t want the cupcake moving about.

But let me caution you: 30 miles carrying a box of cupcakes requires some legit core strength—something you're not likely to have if you're eating a box of cupcakes...

In traditional fashion, the above was just a big segue from the barren blog des(s)ert to renewed fertile blogdom.

Readers, I hope you haven’t lost faith. I’m back. And I’m dumber than ever.

Coming soon:

Papp, part II
Guest post by James Bird
Chicago Bike Racing commentary
Collegiate Cycling News news!

So stay posted and start checking out the blog again.