La Vida Wanker

La Vida Wanker

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Upcoming Papp Interview

Laptop on legs, he sits on his bed—his flabby form contained by nothing but well-worn tighty whities. Surrounding him, spilled coke mixes with Cheetos crumbs

In other words, it’s just another night for just another blogger.

Breaking the silence, his inbox suddenly reads: One New Message. And just like that, he has a real story. He has a lead.

And assuming the blogger can actually write coherent sentences, this single email transforms him from overweight deadbeat into dignified journalist.

Well folks, I don’t drink pop, and I rarely eat Cheetos. Also and rather unexpectedly, I don’t think tighty whities look too bad on me. (Just ask Axie, Will or Ian.)

But my inbox does read 1025 new messages...

Anyway, on the urging of a Mr. Mark French, I contacted Joe Papp about an interview. Mr. Papp has agreed to speak with me. The focus of our discussion will be doping and junior/u23 racing.

This—the junior/u23 racing—will be a Pro Wanker exclusive interview. Yep, the pink and white has just made the bigs. (hahaha. Yeah right!)

As part of the interview, I would like to take questions from my readers for Mr. Papp. So readers, feel free to post your question in the comment section of this post or email them to me: scottrosenfield AT mac dot com




  1. That is interesting, good luck with that interview and look forward to hearing his thoughts.

  2. Question for Papp: at what age do you think doping begins? After all, we just saw two amazing performances at USPRO Nationals from two riders that seem highly unlikely to dope due to their young ages. Additionally, in your 6th to 5th place comment on Twitter, people speculated that the young Bissell rider who finished in the top 5 was too young to dope. Are we now finally seeing a crop of riders moving up the ranks who are clean?