La Vida Wanker

La Vida Wanker

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Summer Wanking Update

At some point, every blogger must chose to create original, interesting content or aggregate, link and regurgitate. Naturally, any self-respecting writer would choose the former option.

But considering that a) the act of blogging strips one of all dignity and b) anyone writing original, interesting content isn’t blogging, most bloggers find themselves pulling a Drudge Report.

Surprisingly then, my regurgitation has been fairly mild until now. Sure, I’ve had a few cross posts, but i’m still fairly clean for a chump without any dignity.

However, my time available for blogging has recently decreased while my small, albeit loyal, readers continue to salivate for new content.

To help bridge the gap, I think a weekly (bi-weekly?) aggregator post is in order. No, this won’t be a bunch of links accompanied by cute captions, but a few solid paragraphs.

(Don’t feel shortchanged, it’s not like you read the full articles anyway.)

Yeah, the race reports will keep coming. And I’ll still do the artsy stuff. But I’ll also be doing these new posts. So in reality, I’ll be posting more frequently? In other news, I make no sense.


1) Have you ever wondered what it’s like to become a doper? Have you fantasized over the sting of the syringe and the corresponding increasing in strength, speed and stamina? Well then, you may be a fan of David Millar and Team Garmin Transitions.

(I’m not saying Millar continues to dope or Garmin has any team doping program. I just find it funny how that team finds so many TDF GC talents from nowhere... Hesjedal, CVV, Wiggo. They may even do a better job than Mr. 60% himself, Riis.)

2) Every race promoter and his mother is bitching that he can’t find sponsorship money. If I were them, I’d be more concerned about finding junior racers, but that’s just me. And heaven knows what happens when you do as I say. (Just look at my TT bike.) Anyway, ever wonder what true poverty is? Ever wonder what life really looked like back in the day.

3) Most candy tastes good. Freezing things tends to make them taste better. Ergo, frozen candy is really, really good. However, frozen 3 Musketeers bars are not good. Trust me on this one. Stick to the Snickers.

Until later,



  1. Damn! I love frozen 3 Musketeers! That was what introduced me to frozen candy!


  2. We must be brothers. For real.

  3. The prowanker, Scottie too hottie's mom".August 3, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    I believe that I introduced you to frozen snickers!