La Vida Wanker

La Vida Wanker

Friday, August 27, 2010

Pre Race Updates

1) I know this one is circling the Facebooks and blogosphere, but here it is: Lance wants to tell you something, so long as you promise not to get angry.

2) In Soviet Russia, picture take you. Well, in Tsarist Russia, anyway. (Click on the link, fool.)

3) Anyone who knows me knows I make many excuses. For example, I lost the crit because there was a right turn. Or I’m starting my diet tomorrow because today is my Hebrew birthday, and I want a piece or three of cake. Whatever the situation, I seem able to create totally inexcusable excuses.

When it comes to Pro Wanker clothing, my excuses are actually valid. About now, I should be redesigning the Pro Wanker kits using Adobe. Unfortunately, my pirated/cracked/hacked version of the software has stopped working. Unless I shell out 700 bucks, I’m SOL. But fear not fellow wankers, where there is a will there is a wank.

4) I never know if I should laugh or cry at the Rapha promo material. On one hand, it’s terribly pretentious in the way a Kiton suit looks ridiculous on a trust fund baby. On the other hand, the suit makes the man. And a Kiton suit is a very fine suit. Anyway, this video is pretty awesome. I wish we could do something like this in WI or IL. Oh wait, we kinda do have that. But it’s called the Tour de Cheese, and is top secret.

5) Apparently, Vladimir Putin plans to drive across Russia in commemoration of the completion of Russia’s first continuous transcontinental highway. Congrats Putin, you’ve officially caught up to the U.S.'s Lincoln Highway circa 1913. Congrats.

6) In other ridiculous news, Facebook wants to patent the use of the word “face.” Yeah. Great.

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